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Application for Membership
Regular Member
Qualification Any individual with at least several consecutive years of experience as a professional advertising photographer and a substantial publication portfolio, who agrees with the aims of the APA. Applicants for regular APA membership require the sponsorship of two regular APA members and are expected to provide proof of publication experience.
Deadline for application January 31 every year
Admission fee 50,000 yen
Annual dues 40,000 yen
Regular member applicants are required to submit ten (10) published advertising works and five (5) portfolio works, or five (5) published advertising works and ten (10) portfolio works.
Point Rating System: Admission as a member requires a minimum of three (3) points. Every regular applicant is awarded points based on past career achievements (two (2) points each time his/her work is carried in any edition of Yearbook-Advertising Photos in Japan, and each time he/she is nominated for a prize in any APA-sponsored exhibition open to the public). To nurture gifted younger photographers, regular member applicants aged 35 or younger are automatically awarded one (1) point.

Supporting Member
Corporate Supporting
Qualification Any corporation that agrees with the aims of the business programs conducted by the APA and wishes to support the programs.
Deadline for application None
Admission fee 50,000 yen
Annual dues 150,000 yen (Lump sum payment)
Fellow Member Qualification Any individual engaged in the production of advertising photographs or who intends to be a professional advertising photographer in the future, and who agrees with the aims of the APA and wishes to support the business programs sponsored by the APA.
* Individuals engaged in the production of advertisements such as creative directors, TV crew, copywriters, fashion stylists, hairstylists, and individuals of any non-Japanese nationality are also eligible for application for fellow membership.
Deadline for application None (Fellow members admitted by March 31 will be included in the list for the same year.)
Admission fee 10,000 yen
Annual dues 12,000 yen (paid in advance)
Student Qualification Any student enrolled full-time in a university, college, or other educational institution, who has been nominated for a prize in any photo exhibition sponsored by the APA, who has in interesting in advertising photography, and who intends to take part in the business programs of the APA.
Deadline for application None
Admission fee None
Annual dues 5,000 yen (paid in advance)
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